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A bright future: Protein in alfalfa hay and haylage

January 28, 2021 Alfalfa has long been appreciated for its high protein content. It is normally around 20% crude protein (CP) for dairy-quality hay/haylage and 16% to 18% CP when harvested at first flower to mid-flower for growing animals. Read more

The irony and the ecstasy of alfalfa in the South

December 24, 2020 The legendary grass breeder and agronomist Dr. Glenn Burton told attendees at the 1990 Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference a story that was related to him after he arrived in Tifton, Georgia, in 1936. Read more

Save on nitrogen for small-grain forages after alfalfa

November 30, 2020 Single or mixed species of small grains such as barley, wheat, oats and triticale are being used more frequently as rotation forage crops in the West, especially during drought years, as small-grain forages typically require less total irrigation than corn, and the timing of their irrigation...

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What does it cost you to produce a ton of hay?

October 28, 2020 The University of Idaho Extension produces costs and returns estimates for alfalfa hay every other year. Read more

Stagnant alfalfa yields – Is sulfur the culprit?

September 24, 2020 Stagnant alfalfa yields have been lamented for many years, and I consistently hear growers say their yields today are no better than “X” years ago. Why is this? Read more

Putting your alfalfa to bed for winter

August 27, 2020 We may not be thinking of winter when temperatures are 80º to 90ºF, but we should now begin preparing alfalfa for winter if we want good winter survival and high yield next spring. Read more