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Myth-busting 8 common beliefs about cover crops

April 7, 2021 Myths surrounding cover crops typically fall into one of two camps. The first camp is that of detriment, with concerns about available moisture being sucked up in a drought-prone area or fear that cash crop yields will be hurt. The second is misplaced expectations – placing cover crops on a...

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The reintroduction of sainfoin

April 2, 2021 Sainfoin is an old forage that is receiving renewed interest. It is known as a legume that has low bloat potential and also suppresses internal parasites in ruminants. Read more

Perennial peanut: Your questions answered

February 23, 2021 Often referred to as “the alfalfa of the South,” the addition of perennial peanut into forage systems has been a game-changer for many Florida cattlemen looking to improve their ranch’s performance. Read more

Choosing the right spring grain crop

January 28, 2021 Spring cereal forages are an important part of the total forage program. In the last few years, the industry has seen an increase in the use of these spring annuals. Read more

New forage varieties bring value

January 28, 2021 New forage varieties are filling gaps in the grazing calendar with perennial pastures or cover crops, enabling cattle to graze more of the year or providing higher-quality forage for beef production or dairy. Read more

Growing forages for the new normal

January 7, 2021 Considering the past two years, farming and growing forages has not been easy. Read more